Creek Side Super Bowl

Creek Side has made it through the playoffs and is now ready for the big event coming up next weekend.  Mother’s Day weekend is our Super Bowl, along with the complete month of May.  All of our planning, planting, spacing, pinching, watering and fertilizing centers on preparing our crops for the Big Day!  And now we are ready to go!

We often discuss the weather in our gardening pursuits.  How the weather goes so often dictates what our gardening tasks and chores are going to be from week to week.  Well, the weather also affects how everything is going at Creek Side to get ready for the Big Game.  Does anybody remember what the weather was like for Mother’s Day weekend last year?  How about the year before that?  Oh yes, it was just like the weather we are experiencing today with the chilly temperatures and snow and rain coming down.  Not very good conditions for getting outside and celebrating everything Mom!

This year is going to be different.  The weather forecast looks good.  Much warmer temperatures and very nice conditions for getting out with Mom to drop by Creek Side Gardens for the Big Show, the Big Game, the Big Day, the Creek Side Super Bowl!  We’ve been getting ready for you!

Our Grown Fresh perennial plants have been set up in the Perennial Pathway and Nursery.  They will not mind the cold this weekend because they have been conditioned for it.  That way they are all ready for you to plant in your garden.  The Greenhouses are as full as they can be.  Next week we will begin decorating the Courtyard with all the beautiful Hanging Baskets, Container Gardens and Annual flowers that you have come to expect from Creek Side.  The blooming Tropical Patio pots arrived this week and will be ready to go.  Roses, shrubs and trees will arrive next week- just in time for the Big Day!

The Indoor Living Home Décor and Gift Boutique is marvelously decorated with lots of brand new gift ideas for Mom.  If you have not visited lately, you will be surprised to see our newly re-modeled lobby and how it offers more checkout space and shows off what the Gift Boutique has to offer.  Read more Mother’s Day Gift ideas.

We look forward to your visit this weekend for Mother’s Day or anytime this month or next.  Now is the time to celebrate.  Hurrah for the Mother’s Day Super Bowl!