Creek Side Workshop Schedule 2016

A brand new spring season is upon us, and Creek Side Gardens is gearing up for the fun!  Next week our pots of geraniums will be planted along with the fuchsia and geranium hanging baskets.  It is so exciting to start up the greenhouses with fresh new pots, soil and baby plants.  The day lengths are becoming noticeably longer minute by minute.  The warm sun light shines through the roof creating a warm, soothing environment.  Not only for the plants, but for those of us working in the greenhouse as well!  Adding water to the soil of the newly planted pots emits a fresh, earthy scent that is un-mistakenly the smell of spring.  Yesterday morning as I walked out to the end of the driveway, I heard a robin sing.  Another distinct sign that spring is right around the corner.

In preparation for the spring season and in the spirit of sharing these experiences with our guests, Creek Side is presenting our Saturday morning workshop schedule.  The plan this year is to learn, share and create something beautiful that you will take home and enjoy.  The experience of creating something yourself, that you made with your own two hands in a casual, relaxing, learning environment will not only be fun but educational and inspiring.  Who knew what the possibilities were?  We’ll discover the answer to that question ourselves every Saturday morning.  Take a look at the schedule, circle the activities and dates that are most appealing and let’s get going!

Perhaps you are interested in a project or subject that is not being covered by the workshop schedule.  Let us know what we are missing and let’s talk about it.  You know, we always have time for a little one-on-one conversation about everything gardening.  Need help with seed sowing techniques, vegetable or perennial garden planning, houseplant selection and repotting, garden bed clean-up, composting, small fruits or summer bulbs?  No problem, your Creek Side Green Team staff of gardening experts are always available to help you.  Come on over and we’ll help get you going!