Fall Annual and Perennial Flowers

Although summer annuals are winding down, fall annuals are beginning to take center stage.  If you are interested in a pop of fresh color on your porch or patio, nothing can beat pansies right now for their bright, cheerful, smiley face flowers!  Even though the days are warm.

Pansies love the cool nights we are beginning to experience.  And it won’t be long the days will begin to cool off as well.  Whether you plant them in a container or in a flower bed, they will become established quickly and bloom like crazy all-season long.  Keep up with water and fertilizer to double your flower power!  Creek Side offer 10 different Grown Fresh colors and mixtures for your planting pleasure.

Rudbeckia – Brown-Eyed or Black-Eyed Susans really show off the fall colors and will brighten up any area around your home.

Zinnias – love a sunny location and the red colors offer a perfect accent to the gold and purple tones of the other fall flowers.  Will bloom all season.

Flowering Kale – a wonderful accent plant with purple to pink colors to show off the brighter fall colors and will hold up right until the very end of the season.

Garden Mums – just beginning to bloom now to offer extended color for your porch and patio.  Choose from a selection of colors and sizes.

Purple Fountain Grass – their purple leaves and tall, wispy seed plumes are just the right accent for any fall themed flower display.  Available in large or extra-large pots.

Mix these plants together to create an awesome fall combo planter.  Come on in, we’ll show you how!

Perennials and shrubs are looking fabulous and can be planted throughout the month of September.  The soil is warm from the summer sun and this will help them to become established quickly before cooler weather sets in.  Right now, the late-season bloomers are full of bright summertime color.  Think about Echinacea Prairie Cone Flower, Rudbeckia Brown-Eyed Susan, Gaillardia Blanket Flower, Aster Daisy, Agastache Hyssop and Hibiscus as additions to your garden to help keep it looking colorful all season long! Take a stroll down the Perennial Path in Creek Side’s Gardens Backyard for inspiration.