Fall Decorating Fun!

Our days are warm and bright, but the nights have cooled off creating that inescapable feeling that we are ready to move on to the fall season.  Football is all around, vacation is over, kids are back in school and the rich earthy color tones of the fall season are creeping in.

Who can resist the contentment that bright gold Black-Eyed Susan’s create all around town.  A little flash of purple asters alongside them in the landscape really sets them off.  Andyou know you want that in your landscape as well.

Even with the best annual flower varieties, sunshine, water and fertilizer some our summer annual flowers many be looking a little tired about now.  What a perfect time to spruce things up with the warm, bright colors of the fall.  Tuck small pots of mums, rudbeckia, kale or pansies in your existing container garden amongst the good looking flowers still blooming.

Or if everything is totally worn out, start all over again with large and small pots of fall flowers.  Include Rubrum grass in the center and you have just created a brand new fall combo pot that will bloom well into the season.

Sometimes we are not sure how to utilize and assemble the great fall colors and flowers available in the fall.  Decorating your porch for fall does not necessarily require flowers to be planted into a container garden.  Consider the Creek Side Fall Porch Kit which combines each one of our favorite fall decorations into a simple package for decorating your porch or patio for the fall.

Start with a bale of straw, add a shock of corn stalks, embellish with a fall garden mum and a bright orange pumpkin.  Go crazy and include a pot of ornamental kale and/or rudbeckia and you have just created a classic and timeless fall porch décor.

Straw bales and mums are available now.  Corn stalks will arrive next week.  Our pumpkin grower in Hudson, CO tells us the pumpkins are still green in the field but beginning to turn color now and will be available in about two weeks.  Check with your Green Team staff of fall decorating experts for advice.  It is fun and easy!  We’ll show you how!