Fall is for Planting!

What does that mean?  Why are we suggesting planting in the fall rather than the traditional spring planting season?  Fall is a great time for planting for several reasons!

Fall Planting Recommendations

The plants we are recommending for planting into the landscape in the fall are perennials, roses, shrubs, trees and bulbs, the types of plants that will survive the cold temperatures of the winter season and come back to life next spring.  Fall days are mild and plants in the landscape feel the difference just like we do.  There is less environmental stress put upon them so they can relax and get settled in to their new environment.  Even more important, the soil temperature is warm, and will remain warm as the days cool off until the end of October.  Warm soil temperatures will help to stimulate new root growth which is essential to get any newly planted plant established in its new home.  Keep up with regular watering and apply mulch around the base of the plant to help hold in moisture and regulate the soil temps.

Get a Jump on Next Spring

In some ways, it is almost preferable to plant in the fall because the soil is warm, the root system establishes itself more quickly than in the springtime when the soil temps are cold.  When spring rolls around, the fall plants have established roots and can more quickly adapt to the rising day time temperatures and will grow more quickly.  Fall planting is getting a jump start on the upcoming spring season.

Use all recommended planting practices in the fall just as you would in the springtime.  Amend the soil with compost or peat moss around the root ball.  Consider a Root Simulator or Biotone application which will supply nutrients and root inducing hormones to the root ball.  Most important of all, keep up with a frequent watering schedule especially in the early warm days post-planting.  As temperatures cool down, gradually reduce water applications.

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Short season annuals and vegetables may be planted in the fall, but do not expect them to survive the winter.  Consider sowing seeds for a quick crop of lettuce, radishes or kale .  Seasonal annual color can be planted into container gardens that decorate our porches and patios.   Consider mums, black-eyed Susans, Flowering kale and of course, pansies!  We are going to enjoy their flowering for the next couple of months and then they will be gone as winter rolls around.  That’s OK, we enjoyed these colorful plants while they were around.  We don’t expect them to last forever.

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