Fall is in the Air

The Creek Side Gardens Grown Fresh Fall Flowers are beginning to take center stage just in time for the change in seasons.  Kids are going back to school.  Temps are cooling down.  If you have never planted a fall garden with vegetables or fall mums and pansies or planted a new tree or shrub in the fall, then you are missing out on the best gardening season of the year.

Mums, mums, mums our favorite fall flower are beginning to bud and bloom around town.  Did you know that Creek Side grows 18 different varieties in our own greenhouses right on site.  Yellow, orange, bronze, red and purple flowering plants are getting ready to decorate your home.  They are with green buds now in the greenhouse because our timing for flowering is in another couple of weeks so that you will be able to enjoy their beautiful flowers during the peak of the season.  Available in 4.5”, 8” or big 14” pots.

Now is the perfect time to plant fall pansies, especially that the nights are cool.  Bright days and cool nights are exactly what pansies love.  Nine Grown Fresh colors and combos, including purple alyssum and mixed color snapdragons available right now for planting, ..

Rudbeckia, the Black-eyed Susan is another instantly recognizable flower in the fall.  Some Rudbeckias’ are planted in the garden to return each year with their golden flowers.  Other varieties are grown as annual flowers in pots for decorating our porches and patios during the fall season.  Creek Side has both for you.  In addition to Rudbeckias to decorate your home, Creek Side features other perfect fall flowers to compliment your mums and Black-eyed Susans.  Red zinnias and the ever popular pink and purple flowering kale.  All of the above available now in 4.5” or 6” diameter pots so that we have all the sizes and colors you need!

Fresh Botanical Interests Seeds are in stock and ready for seed sowing.  Lettuce, spinach, kale and Swiss Chard should be sown outside directly in the soil now.  Or in a container of soil on the patio for harvesting in a few weeks.  Give it a try.  Just like pansies they love the cool nights and bright days.