Fresh Flowers All Summer

Once summer starts, it is not the end of the season at Creek Side Gardens.  It just begins a new chapter.  Because you see, we are constantly planting and nurturing Grown Fresh flower crops all year long.  As the greenhouses begin to empty out after the busy spring season, we begin to fill them back up again so that you can be assured of finding fresh, beautiful flowers all summer long.

One of our most popular summer crops are the fun and festive 3-in-1 combo pots of pre-designed annuals.  Also known as Confetti pots or Trixi pots or Kwik Kombos, 3 different varieties of flowers are grown in a 6” pot for easy design and decoration.  Need a small pot decoration?  Use one pot.  Need a medium pot decoration?  Use 2 pots planted together.  Need a large pot decoration?  Use 3-4 pots planted together to create a big beautiful, color coordinated pot of flowers.  Over 16 different combos to choose from.

Fun, fresh small pots of flowers are available for filling in those empty spots as well.  These plants are not the left-overs from the spring season but newly planted pots especially for mid-summer needs.  Did you know that Creek Side specializes in offering new and different types of flowers and accent plants for designing your own combination creations?  Check them out!

Keep an eye open for large pots of summer annual flowers that are especially heat tolerant.  Many new colors and varieties will be available this summer.  Plant a few of those together and you will have just created a new container garden.  We’ll let you know what is coming up!

June is Perennial Month and this is National Pollinator Week.  Last weekend we built Pollinator Hotels during our Saturday morning work shop.  This weekend, don’t miss out on all the beautiful perennials blooming along the Perennial Pathway at Creek Side Gardens.  Your perennial garden is the pollinator’s best friend and Creek Side offers over 25 different kinds of pollinator plants.  Stop by to check it out and help do your part to create a great pollinator habitat.