Garden Art – what’s in your Outdoor Living Space?

Your garden pots are planted with glorious colored annuals.  The vegetable garden is flourishing with the hopes of a good bounty.  You look around and wonder, ‘something is missing’.  Garden art is an extension of your personal style and creates visual interest.  Creek Side Gardens is stocking up on fun things for your garden and yard this season.


Not every pot has to be full of plants, maybe you just want a tipped over colorful pot nestled in the soil.  Ever consider using a pot as a base for a side table?  A piece of glass or a reclaimed piece of wood would make a great top to a pot.  The pottery is arriving now, and we have selected many new designs, colors, and sizes.  The larger sizes: 14” – 24” diameter is perfect for our Earth Insert pots which will be ready to go in May!


The soothing sound of running water from a fountain… A water feature is a great addition to any garden or patio area.  Our fountains range from tabletop to large statement pieces. DIY a fountain with a glazed piece of pottery or a stone.  With a little ingenuity you can create a bubbling water feature that disappears underground.  A buried pond container, pump, and rocks to cover the top everyone will appreciate your ability to create your own serenity.

Bird Baths

Let’s not forget our feathered friends.  Creek Side Gardens has many bird baths in all sizes, colors, and finishes.  Bird baths are a great addition to a blooming garden by securing it among the flowers. If you are growing a pollinator garden not only will you have birds visit the bath, but shallow areas along the edges are perfect for butterflies and honey bees.


Make a statement about what makes you happy with a prominent piece.  Most Creek Side Gardens statuary is cast concrete in earth tones.  Bunnies, turtles, frogs, cats and dogs are very popular and you’ll find most of the statuary inside our glasshouse among the houseplants.

So, if ‘something is missing’, we have the garden art and extra touches you may just need and want for your garden.