Get Ready for Spring – Garden Essentials

On March 20th it will officially be spring! While the weather is warming up and giving all of us the itch to garden again, be ready with these garden essentials to have on hand.

Lawn fertilizer

As your turf starts to come out of dormancy, it will be important to apply an early lawn fertilizer.  The proper fertilizer for April/May is the All-Seasons from Fertilome.  All Seasons has a pre-emergent that is a weed preventer for new weeds trying to germinate but it does not kill the weeds you may already have.  Plan on making 4 applications per year.  After the All Seasons you can switch to the Classic or Weed Out lawn food. Avoid lawn fertilizer applications in the middle of summer when temperatures are the highest.


Any planting of trees, shrubs or perennials should include the incorporation of compost into the soil used to backfill the hole around the root ball.  This will help create an environment that will encourage new root growth.  Use our Nature’s Yield Organic Compost that is blended right here in Colorado.  Compost is also great to spread out a top layer to your existing perennial beds and/or raised beds.

Seed Starting

Get a jump on your vegetable garden by starting seeds.  We have a wide selection of seeds from Colorado company Botanical Interests

and a new line from Renee’s Garden.  A good quality potting soil is essential for successfully growing of seeds.

We proudly sell Pro-Mix potting soil as well as use it in all our plantings here at Creek Side.





Garden Tools

Essential for sure! The right tool for the right job.  As you start to till, weed, prune, and clean out debris you’ll want to be ready with the tools you need.  Creek Side has a wide variety of hand tools, pruners and more.


Protect your hands with a great pair of garden gloves, available in all sizes.






The season is underway, let us help you start it off with all the essentials.