Gardening Today

People are discovering clever ways to garden anywhere and everywhere.  In a tiny yard, or no yard at all.  Whether it is a container garden, a raised bed or a traditional in-ground bed, all gardens provide significant benefits, helping you discover health and community right in your own backyard.

Vegetable Gardens

What do you want to grow?  Herb and vegetable gardens are more popular than ever.  Plants can be grown from seed or transplants ion almost any space, small or large, and contribute to a family’s healthy diet.  Herbs and vegetables love full sun and can be grown in containers or raised beds as well as in-ground beds.  Easily grown herbs include basil, mint, oregano, rosemary and sage.  Common vegetables with strong nutritious content include beans, broccoli, carrots, kale, lettuce, spinach, squash and tomatoes.  Ask your Green Team member which are the best variety selections for your application.

Flower Gardens

Flower gardens are the most common plantings in urban and suburban communities.  Everyone wants a beautiful flower container at their entryway or a window box that is overflowing with annuals.  Another reason to plant a flower garden is to support local pollinators such as bees and butterflies.  This is the Creek Side specialty!  Please find many sizes and color combinations to choose from this spring at the greenhouse.


Various flowering perennials also support neighborhood pollinators and make a lovely seasonal contribution to a front walkway or container garden.  Great pollinating plants include alyssum, aster, beebalm, hollyhock, lavender, purple coneflower, scabiosa and yarrow.


Xeriscape gardens are landscapes that focus on water conservation.  Whether your is suffering drought or you simply want to save time and money watering, xeriscaping is a smart way to be environmentally friendly.

Lifestyles have changed, and it has become a passion to eat healthier food, live a simpler lifestyle and discover your connection to nature.  Creek Side Gardens is here to help you achieve those goals successfully.  Stop in soon to discover how easy it is to beautify the world, improve your environment and feel wonderful.