Get Out and Play

With social media and internet overload, more and more families and friends are looking for alternative things to do for fun.  Our new vibe in the gift shop is to encourage customers to enhance their outdoor living space with more garden art, fountains and bird baths.  We have taken that one step further and added some items that you can play, seek or learn about while in your outdoor living space or beyond your garden.

Field Cards

Laminated and waterproof these folded cards slip easily into a pocket or backpack.  If you are having a gathering, lay them out for all to enjoy and spark up a conversation.  We have selected a few that are great for the Rocky Mountain Region and a fun ‘Night Sky’ Guide card for when the sun goes down.

Puzzles and Wonder Cards

Fire up the grill, have a BBQ and do a puzzle outdoors!  Puzzles have always been a great social event for families.  Wonder Cards are themed with photos of things to find in nature, go explore your outdoor space or take a hike to see if you can find the item on your cards.

Botanical Press and Journals

Have you every collected flowers and pressed them?  What a great unplugged outdoor project.  Wander through your flower patch snipping some specimens.  We have a ready-made flower press, but you can make your own.  Pressed flowers make great crafts creating a framed flower arrangement or garden scape.  Additionally, drying flowers is another great project.  Herbs and Lavender are perfect for this.  Gather a bunch and tie the stems with twine or raffia.  Hang them upside down from a hanger or hook and let them dry slow to preserve the color and fragrance.

Another great way to enhance your space is to keep a journal.  Your flower beds will ebb and flow through the years and it is best to know what works in your garden best.  Snap some pics and add to your journal for future reference.