Get Your Spring On

March 21st is officially Spring!  Here at Creek Side Gardens, we want you to be ready to get your gardens, patio pots, vegetable gardens and landscaping up to speed.  Not only do we have our usual varieties of products and supplies but this year we are proud to offer some new product lines.

New products essential for your 2023 gardening season

Preen – Early season weed preventor – A ‘pre-emergent’ is a weed control product that helps stop weed germination before they start.  Unlike the All Seasons Lawn Food pre-emergent, Preen is for use in garden beds, trees, shrubs and vegetables.

Farmer’s Defense Arm Sleeves –  protective sleeves from plant irritation, UV rays and overheating.  Made from recycled plastic bottles.  These make a great gift!

Espoma Organics –  Natural gardening solutions.  We have a selection of ‘tone’ products.  The most popular is the Bio-Tone which is a great addition to your soil as a starter plant food.

Neptune’s Harvest Organics Another great organic product derived from crab and lobster shells and seaweed.

Seeds – Page Seeds from Greene, NY rounds out our seed selection.  We have brought in not only organic vegetable seeds but medicinal herb seeds.  For the small space gardener check out the Urban Container Gardening seed in our Urban Garden section.

Other Essentials you will need

Early season lawn care

As your turf starts to come out of dormancy, it will be important to apply an early lawn fertilizer.  The proper fertilizer for April/May is the All-Seasons Lawn Fertilizer.  All Seasons has a pre-emergent that is a weed preventer for new weeds trying to germinate.


Any planting of trees, shrubs or perennials should include the incorporation of compost into the soil used to backfill the hole around the root ball.  Use our Nature’s Yield Organic Compost that is blended right here in Colorado.  Compost is also great to spread out a top layer to your Adding a Humic or Bio-Tone to your soil with also give it an extra boost.

Seed Starting Supplies

You will need all ‘the fixin’s’ for starting seeds.  From coir pots to windowsill seed start kits we have it all.  Don’t forget a bag of potting soil!  We proudly grow with AND sell Pro-Mix Potting Soil available from 8 quart to 2.8 cu ft bags.

Garden Tools, Trellis’, and Plant Supports

Essential for sure! Pick up a new decorative trellis for your vegetable garden that your beans or peas will need to climb on.  Plant support rings and stakes are essential for perennials.  Before you know it, your tall perennials will need something so be ready.  Dig, prune, tie, or clip – Creek Side has a wide variety of hand tools, pruners and tying products.