Got Support?

Everyone needs support in their lives and so do your plants.  As your perennials, vegetables, vines, and roses begin to grow, you will realize very quickly that they will need support which will help your plants reach their full potential and improve the appearance of your garden.  Here at Creek Side Gardens, we have several different types of support for all different types of plants.


A tall decorative or wood trellis is perfect for climbing vines such as Clematis, Honeysuckle, Trumpet Vines; not to mention grape vines as well.  Take your support system one step higher and plant the vines outside of a arbor.  Train the vine to go up and over the arbor creating a dramatic entrance to a garden area.


Some perennials need a grid or staking support. Delphiniums, Hollyhocks, Peonies, are just a few that would benefit from a support with a ‘grid’.


Tomatoes and pole beans are notorious for needing support.  Round tomato cages are the most popular, but a square Tomato Tower would also work well.  Straight bamboo stakes also work great with ‘plant clips’.  Pole beans, peas and other vining vegetables prefer a trellis type support system with plant tape or wire, this way they can hang on as they start to produce vegetables.


Climbing roses, just like vines, need a strong trellis to support the heavy canes.  A trellis with big gaps is perfect for ‘training your rose to weave in and out to create a spectacular wall of color.

Pot Trellis’

Growing in a pot and need support?  Try a container size trellis or an obelisk.  An obelisk in a pot is perfect for a climbing tropical such as a Mandeville or even a Thunbergia (Black Eye Susan Vine) as it climbs it is colorful and full on the obelisk.

When you need support, Creek Side Gardens Green Team is here for you.