Greenhouse Planting and ProGreen

The longer days of February herald the first real sign that spring is on the way!  Your Community Greenhouse staff of Green Team professionals are busy preparing for what will certainly be another great gardening experience for you.

Planting in the greenhouse began this week with a couple of hundred geranium and fuchsia hanging baskets.  The perennials will be planted over the next two weeks.  Then the planting for the larger sizes of Container Gardens and Hanging Baskets follows that mid-February.  This is the time of the year that we are especially excited to be in the greenhouse soaking in the sun, breathing in the nice humid air.  It feels like spring already….

The big colorful combinations of Grown Fresh™ annual flowers are a Creek Side Gardens specialty.  As we discussed in our last email, lot of study and research goes into selecting the best varieties and combinations of flowers so that everything grows together just exactly perfect.  You’ll see what I am talking about when you come to visit this spring.

Some of that study and research will take place next week during the ProGreen Expo held at the downtown Denver Convention Center each year in February.  ProGreen Expo is a sponsored by the Garden Centers of Colorado, the Colorado Nursery and Greenhouse Association and the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, three of the leading professional industry organizations which Creek Side is affiliated with.

Just like many professional conferences, ProGreen Expo is divided into groups of educational sessions, classes and a trade show, which features exhibitors of many of the suppliers that Creek Side relies upon to offer you the latest in new flower breeding, not to mention great garden supplies and décor.

The educational sessions offer all types of classes from how to prune trees and shrubs, to recommended insect pest control strategies, to what flowers were the stars of the show at the CSU Trial Gardens in Ft. Collins last summer.  Because Creek Side strives to provide the best gardening advice to their customers, several Creek Side Green Team will be attending the educational sessions this year to brush up on what they already know and learn something new about what they don’t know!  Holly, Selina, Kerry and Will are attending classes for the latest gardening info and browsing the exhibitors booths for the latest and greatest decor.  Not to mention networking with all the other local independent garden centers as we gear up for another great season

Plus, Kerry Poppe is the master of ceremonies for the GCC sponsored Potting Challenge.  Industry professionals will participate in a round robin series competition of creating fresh flowering planters on the spot with a given theme.  Judges will choose a winner for each round and a Potting Plant-Off of the winners will eventually choose a Grand Potting Challenge Champion.  It will be a lot of fun and we’ll share some photos next time we get together.