Hail Damage & Summer Garden Tips

  • Trim back damaged foliage stems and flowers. You need to determine whether there are small tears in the leaves that can be left on the plant, or whether they are mostly shredded and need removal.  If there are roots in the soil and a green stem above ground, that plant will grow back.
  • Water sparingly until the surface of the soil dries out.  Once the plant grows new leaves, the soil will begin to dry out more regularly.
  • Once the soil begins to dry out regularly, fertilize the remaining plants.
  • Trees and shrubs that have lost leaves will grow new leaves before the end of the season.
  • BE PATIENT. The plants “want” to grow and they will thrive again.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly some partially damaged plants will show signs of recovery.

Mother Nature – she giveth and she taketh away….  All of us at Creek Side Gardens understand and empathize with you. We have new fresh plants ready for any fill-in needs for those special occasions coming up.  Our Grown Fresh Big Summer Color summer program of 6” pots of heat loving annuals is in full bloom if you need anything.

  • Get a second bloom from tired annuals by cutting them back now and then fertilizing with Jack’s Blossom Booster. Fresh flowers will arrive in a couple of weeks and bloom through the rest of the season.
  • Keep up with your regular fertilizer regime.  Use Jack’s Blossom Booster or cut your Jack’s Petunia or All-Purpose fertilizer rate in half.
  • Where a plant has failed, consider filling the hole with a splash of color. Creek Side has a great selection that will work perfectly!
  • Bring some color to your porch and patio this weekend!  Great selection of summer blooming Grown Fresh Big Summer Color, “instant color” to create your special project or decorate an upcoming event.
  • Don’t get caught over-watering now.  With welcome rain and cooler temperatures, plants will have an opportunity to relax.  This is the time to allow plants a little chance to dry out in between water applications.  When temperatures go up,  increase water applications again.
  • In the perennial bed, deadhead the spent flowers and evaluate general plant health. Cut some unspent flowers for a fresh table arrangement to enjoy in the house or patio!
  • Perennials can still be planted now particularly on a cloudy day or early or late in the day. Mulch any areas of bare soil to help hold in moisture and keep temperatures cooler.
  • Still time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials for that landscape project you have been thinking about. Check out our incredible selection!
  • Fertilize roses monthly.
  • Got Bugs?  Now is the time that pest and/ or disease problems are showing up.  Keep an eye open for insects on the tips of branches or flower buds, or signs of chewing on the leaves or flowers.  Put your thumb on the end of your hose and blast them off as an initial remedy. Consult you Green Team experts for treatment recommendations.
  • Spots on the leaves could be the sign of a fungal disease, or it could be an environmental issue. It is important to match the correct pest control strategy with the pest problem.  Water early in the day so that foliage is dry going into the night.  Snap a photo or bring in a sample to the garden center to review with one of our Green Team experts. We offer a full range of solutions to help you solve your gardening problems.