Happy Summertime!

We know the story.  It’s been a hot few weeks.  You may be feeling a little worn out from working extra hard to take care of your spring and summer flowers.  Water, water, water.  Chase away the bugs, bugs, bugs.  Maybe a hail storm in between.  Ouch!  Hopefully most of your beautiful container gardens and hanging baskets have come through in pretty good shape.

Then there was the one time you went out of town for a few days and asked somebody to water.  We know how that goes.  Your plants just don’t get the TLC you give them and there may have been a couple of casualties.

Don’t be discouraged

With the cooler temperatures arriving in August it will be little easier to keep everything under control.  Plus, the days and evenings coming up are so beautiful for sitting on the patio for simple relaxation or to visit with family and friends. The kids will go back to school.  And the time is just right for more really great flower growing!  It is like a whole second chapter of opportunity to enjoy big, bright, beautiful flowers around your home.

First of all, keep up with watering and fertilization on your existing pots and baskets.  Don’t be afraid to get out a sharp pair of shears and trim up the stragglers.  Secondly, introducing new flowers to your garden should not be out of the question.  There is a lot of gardening time left to enjoy them.  Think about summer-loving zinnias, celosia, lantana, salvia, pentas, angelonia, and other colorful annuals.

Summer Annuals

We know you may not be too excited about planting right now.  So Creek Side makes this prospect simple and easy by offering an assortment of big, bold, colorful summer blooming annuals grown in 6” pots.  Mix and match between colors and varieties to create your own custom design.  Plant a few pots together in a larger container or just arrange the individual pots around each other on the deck or patio.  Keep them watered and you are good to go.

Summer Perennials

Late season color in the perennial garden is often over looked.  But many plants are in flower now or getting ready to flower!  Identify a “Green” area in your garden now.  Keep your eyes open around your neighborhood landscape for what you like.  The list of possible perennial plants is long.  Consider Black-Eyed Susan, Aster, Coneflower, Coreopsis, Hyssop and Ornamental Grasses.

Now is great time to visit Creek Side Gardens to check out our nice assortment of Big Summer Color Annuals and Grown Fresh perennials and get planting!!  Talk to one of our Green Team garden experts to determine what plants will work best in your personal landscape!  We will show you just how easy it is to enjoy beautiful flowers all around your home right up until the very end of the growing season.