Holiday Gifts just for Me

Personal Gifts

In addition to everyone else, Creek Side Gardens offers great personal gifts.  Remember to treat yourself to a new hand lotion, winter gloves or jewelry.  Scented candles will fill your house with the feel of the holidays as well as soothe your soul during the hustle and bustle of the season.  Treat yourself to a new holiday inspired towel for your holiday gatherings that you can display in a kitchen or bathroom.  You’ve done a nice job taking care of everyone else – so you deserve it!

The Glow of the Christmas tree

After the day is done and the kids have gone to bed… all is quiet now, turn off all the lights, sit and enjoy the glow of the lights from the tree.  Smile to yourself as you remember that ornament you got on vacation. Or the vintage glass balls that once hung on your grandmother’s tree.  Relax and unwind in that twinkling light with some soft music and a cup of hot tea.

Houseplant Happiness

It doesn’t have to be all about the poinsettia. Consider a different beautiful blooming plant like Cyclamen, Kalanchoe, or Anthurium.  A new houseplant for your home might be just what you want for the holiday get together.  A Norfolk Pine makes a wonderful ‘Christmas tree’ with colorful balls and garland draped on it.  These plants will last well past the holidays for many weeks of enjoyment in your home.  Or simply a new houseplant to decorate a table or shelf.  Give your houseplants some holiday flair by putting a festive bow inside the pot.