Holiday Porch Pots and Fresh Evergreens

One of the most distinctive aspects of celebrating the holiday season is the look, feel and fragrance of holiday greens used in decorating our homes.  There is nothing like the smell of fresh evergreen boughs to remind us that the holiday season is fast approaching.

Christmas Trees & Evergreens

The most familiar use of holiday greens is of course the Christmas tree.  Setting up a large freshly cut Christmas tree in our homes is one of the most popular holiday traditions.  Unmistakably, one reason is because people love the fresh evergreen scent.  Another reason is that you cannot beat the look and feel of real evergreens.  Otherwise, why wouldn’t we all succumb to just setting up an artificial tree because that would certainly be a lot more convenient.

Another couple of the most familiar fresh evergreens for holiday decoration are the wreath and garland.  Best used outdoors, because they will stay fresh longer, an evergreen holiday wreath on a door or garland wrapped around a post or fence signals welcome to the holiday season.  And all who reside here celebrate and rejoice in what the holiday season means for family and friends.  Christmas Tree, Wreath, Garland and Evergreen Bough Care Tips Here

Holiday Porch Pots

Holiday Porch Pots are very popular as well.  What is a Holiday Porch Pot?  Just as we decorate our porches and patios with pots of colorful flowers during the spring, summer and fall seasons, Holiday Porch Pots offer us an opportunity to make use of our flowerpots during the winter months.

First, consider an arrangement of a variety of freshly cut evergreen boughs placed into the soil of a pot from which the last seasons old flowers have been removed.  Use taller branches like Douglas, Noble or Fraser Fir in the back of the pot for height.  Fill in the middle with shorter branches and long needle White Pine for contrasting texture.  Fill in the front with shorter branches of any of the above and accent with a sprig of cedar or juniper.

Add pinecones and a bow with a branch of Red Twig Dogwood in the center and you have a beautiful pot Holiday Pot decoration for your porch.  Very simple and easy to create.  Ready-to-go Porch Pots and Fresh Evergreen bough bunches available at Creek Side in large, medium and small sizes.  Pinecones and custom made bows available as well.

Live Evergreen Trees

Second option would be to place a live growing evergreen tree on your porch or insert into a decorative container.  Decorate with lights and ornaments for the deluxe treatment.  Or keep it simple with natural decorations like pinecones and add a bow for colorful holiday flair.  Consider Blue Spruce, Alberta Spruce or Norway spruce as good options.  Keep the tree outside all winter, water 1-2 times per month depending upon temperatures.  Plant outside in the spring or keep in a pot all summer long as a great patio accent plant.