Houseplants for Apartments

What the Best Houseplants for Apartments have in Common
  • Apartment plants are relatively low-maintenance, meaning they don’t require much care beyond watering and fertilizer.
  • Houseplants for apartments are very forgiving and bounce back quickly if you forget to water them.
  • Indoor plants for small apartments don’t drop leaves everywhere and make a mess.
  • Apartment plants are hardy and long-lived.
  • Houseplants for small spaces are fairly flexible of their light needs.
  • The best plants for apartments are typically smaller in stature, though floor-sized houseplants can be beautiful, too.
Apartment Plants for Table Tops

These small-statured houseplants are ideal for small spaces. They don’t take up much room because they don’t grow very large, but yet they offer tons in terms of beauty and “green” appeal.

  • Peperomia
  • Pilea
  • Sanseveria
Apartment Trailing Plants for Shelves

The apartment plants on this list don’t grow tall, but they do grow long. With leaves and stems that tumble and trail, these indoor plants for small apartments look great perched on a plant stand, corner shelf, book case, or even in a hanging basket.

  • Heart leaf Philodendron
  • Devils Ivy Pothos
  • Wondering Jew
  • English Ivy
Apartment Medium Sized Plants for the Floor

Plants in this group are well-suited to table top displays when the plant is young, but once it’s a few years old and in a larger pot, these beautiful apartment plants are best displayed as floor plants. Tuck these tough plants into the corner of a room, next to a glass balcony window, or beside the apartment door, and they’ll be happy as can be, as long as they receive a suitable level of light.

  • Dragon Tree
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Corn Plant

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