Houseplants Make Us Happier & Healthier

Our house plants don’t just look nice. They make us happier and healthier.

Why it matters

Many of our jobs keep us indoors — away from nature — and the pandemic magnified that problem. All of us have an intuitive appreciation for plants and nature.  Researchers increasingly point to the physical and psychological necessity of connecting our human well-being with nature and the outdoors.

Some of the perks
  • Interacting with plants can increase life satisfaction, reduce anxiety and stress, spark creativity, boost productivity and even mitigate symptoms of PTSD and dementia, studies have shown.
  • And certain plants are natural air purifiers for your house.

When we have plants in our home or take a hike, we see decreases in anxiety and stress,” says Melinda Knuth, a horticulture professor at North Carolina State. “Just being around a plant can decrease the cortisol levels in our saliva.”

  • Humans get a subconscious positive jolt from the smell of flowers, the chirping of birds and the sound of rushing water, she says.
What’s happening

Plants shops, garden centers and nurseries have been available as an outlet to people during the pandemic as Americans coped with being stuck inside by bringing nature into their homes.

  • Many of these shops were small mom-and-pop shops that have been thriving due to our revived interest in plants.
  • Now a whopping 89% of consumers owned at least two houseplants in 2021, according to a Floral Marketing Fund report.
The Basics

Watering and tending to plants and then watching them bloom is great for our minds.

  • One of the more meaningful ways to get up close and personal with nature, while remaining near the home front, is to get involved with houseplants.
  • Most houseplant people view it as an escape from the stresses of everyday life.  What we tap into is not easily explained, but those of us who tend houseplants know we benefit from the experience.  Sometimes we just sit down amongst our plants and say, ‘Ahh…’
Bottom line

Consider buying a plant from a local nursery to brighten up your home — or add to your collection if you’re already an avid plant owner — and reap the benefits.