Indoor Living Boutique

New gift and home décor ideas are arriving daily to the Creek Side Indoor Living Gift and Home Décor Boutique.  Each new season of the year, our interior design experts search for all the most interesting, fun, unique and eclectic accent pieces to dazzle your gift receiving friends and family.  Not to mention how they may set off that little special something in your own home.  The jewelry and scarf selection has been expanded and a few additional boutique selections have been added.  The newly renovated lobby opens up the Indoor Living area creating a comfortable, relaxed and inviting atmosphere.  Stop by for a visit and see how Creek Side Gardens adds color to your life inside and out!

Garden Gear and garden décor is beginning to fill the Yard and Garden Shop in the Glasshouse.  Cool gardening accessories to help make your gardening chores easier, or at least more fun, are in the house and ready for your review.  Jack’s fertilizer has a new hose end fertilizer applicator that is perfect for large fertilizer applications of our favorite fertilizer.  We’ll show you how it works.  Might make your life a little easier this summer.

Check out our brand new selection of Front Range Bird Feed, featuring the premium, no mess Complete Patio Blend.  The birds will eat everything leaving no mess behind.  It is really the very best blend of bird seed for home bird feeding that can be found anywhere!

Tomato seeds were sown in the greenhouse this week.  The peppers are beginning to sprout, as well as the cool season veggies like broccoli, kale and peas.  The cool season veggies will be ready for planting outside next month.  The tomatoes and peppers will be ready for planting in May after the weather warms up.

It was another big planting week in the greenhouse for patio pots and hanging baskets.  Plus the first batch of small pots so that you will have a great selection to choose from of all the best flower varieties that Creek Side has to offer at planting time.  Stop by to take a tour of the greenhouses to really get you in the mood for spring!