Is the Holiday Break Over…Yet?

This could be the rally cry in your home, parents and kids alike! The anticipation and perspiration of Christmas Day has worn off and “the blahs” are settling in. It’s time to get creative. Here are a few low cost or no cost ideas to liven up the day:

Celebrate non-traditional holidays. A fun resource is the free “Hoops and YoYo”download calendars on the Hallmark website ( These are packed with easy and silly ideas to get the family through the winter.

Stage an indoor Hide ‘n’ Seek. Choose some objects (stuffed animals, small toys, etc.) and let the other kids look before hiding them, designate a “hider,” hide the objects, (while no one is looking, of course!), then it’s a mad scramble to be the first to collect the most objects.

Host the Olympics of a different kind. Everyone gets to compete in a variety of indoor friendly events. You can even award the gold, silver, and bronze to the competitors.

Javelin Throw: Contestants throw cotton swabs as far as possible

High Jump: Compete to see who can jump over the most pillows

Discus: Toss cotton balls with all your might and see who gets the farthest

Standing Grin: Measure everyone’s smile

Produce your own exercise video. With all the technology available to families, this idea is sure to be a hit. Have each member of the family create a video demonstrating an activity (favorite dances, calisthenics, an indoor sport). Then participate in a very unique exercise session.

There are many more variations of outdoor or regular day activities that can be turned into something creative, out of the ordinary, or just plain silly to beat the holiday break doldrums.

So, get ready and enjoy some indoor fun.