More August Garden Tips

Elm Leaf Miners are active now!

Leafminers are insects that feed within a leaf, producing large blotches or meandering tunnels.  Although leafminer injuries are conspicuous, most leafminers produce injuries that have little, if any, effect on plant health.

Leafminers are insects that have a habit of feeding within leaves or needles, producing tunneling injuries.  Areas mined by insects die and dry out. Although injuries produced by leafmining insects can be unattractive, it is rare for them to significantly affect plant health. Also, most leafminers have important natural controls which normally check populations before too much injury is done to plants.

Elm leafminer (Kaliofenusa ulmi) is the most important species, being locally common in several Front Range cities where it develops on American, English and Siberian elms.

Aphids are back!

Aphids are soft bodied, sap sucking insects that will typically congregate on the tip of a growing stem or flower.  They may be easily dislodged from the stems, leaves & flowers with bursts of water from a hose.  Put your thumb on the end of the water hose and gently knock them off, they cannot climb back up!  In severe cases consider a spray that is labelled for your particular plant.

  • Bonide Hot Pepper Wax Insect Repellent (capsaicin), – softest, safest control
  • Fertilome Horticultural Oil Spray RTS (mineral oil), – soft spray also good for wooly aphids & scale control on trees
  • Bonide Eight Insect Control (lambda-cyhalothrin), – effective chemical control

In the perennial bed, deadhead the spent flowers and evaluate general plant health. Cut some unspent flowers for a fresh table arrangement to enjoy in the house or patio!

Perennials, roses , shrubs and trees can be planted now particularly on a cloudy day or early or late in the day. Mulch any areas of bare soil to help hold in moisture and keep temperatures cooler.

Don’t get caught over-watering when temps cool down again like we are having right now.  Keep up with your regular fertilizer regime with Jack’s Blossom Booster or organic Happy Frog Flower and Fruit.

Harvest ripe vegetables!  This will encourage the plants to continue producing fruit all summer.

It has finally cooled off enough to sow a fall lettuce crop.  Also consider spinach, swiss chard and kale.  Fresh seeds available now!