More Holiday Plant Care Tips

We covered Poinsettia, Amaryllis, Paperwhite and Christmas Cactus blooming plant care last month in November Plant Pointers.  Following, please find a list of other popular blooming plants and their care for the holiday season.

Azalea Care

Azaleas as houseplants do best at cooler temperatures, ideally around 60-65 F. (16-18 C.). Cooler temperatures will also help the blooms last for several weeks. Keep them well lit, but out of direct sun. Managing moisture should be your greatest concern.  Never allow your plant to dry out.  Keep them damp, not soggy, and don’t fertilize until flowering is complete. At this point, the lives of most azaleas as houseplants are over.

Anthurium Care
Anthurium flowers will last for several months with proper care.  It grows best in bright, indirect light. Anthurium plants do not like continually moist soil. Only water your anthurium when the soil is dry to the touch. Care of anthurium plants does not require too much fertilizer.  Proper care for anthuriums is not hard. Once you have the plant in the right soil and the right location, watering is simple. An anthurium growing in your garden or home will reward you with wonderful, long lasting flowers.

Cyclamen Care
Cyclamen prefer a cool bright indirect light location in your home.  Cool temperatures will help them bloom longer.  Cyclamen are sensitive to both over and under watering. Water your cyclamen plant only when the soil is dry to the touch, but do not leave the plant in this dry state so long that it shows visible signs of not being watered, such as droopy leaves and flowers. When you water the plant, water from below the leaves so that the water does not touch the stems or leaves. Only fertilizer once every one to two months with water soluble fertilizer mixed at half strength.

Norfolk Island Pine Care

Norfolk Island Pines are a festive houseplant for the holiday season that evokes the look and feel of a Christmas Tree.  They are not hardy outdoors.  A Norfolk Pine does best in bright indirect light.  Allow the soil to become dry to the touch in between watering’s.  A nice houseplant all year around.


Kalanchoe Care

Kalanchoes are available in a variety of colors to be enjoyed in the home to be enjoyed for several weeks.  This flowering succulent plant prefers bright indirect light and allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings.