More Summer Garden Tips

Summer Flowers

July is a great month for perennial color.  Many plants are in flower now or getting ready to flower!  Keep your eyes open around your neighborhood landscape for what you like…

Then come into the nursery to check out our nice assortment of Grown Fresh perennials and get planting!!  Talk to one of our Green Team garden experts to determine what plants will work best in your personal landscape!  Hope to see you soon!

Bring some color to your porch and patio this weekend!  Fresh hanging baskets and patio pots in bloom and ready to decorate your outdoor living area.  Great selection of summer blooming “instant color” to create your special project or decorate an upcoming event.

Still time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials for that landscape project you have been thinking about. Check out our incredible selection!

Got Bugs?

Now is the time that pest and/ or disease problems can begin showing up.  Keep an eye open for insects on the tips of branches or flower buds, or signs of chewing on the leaves or flowers.

Put your thumb on the end of your hose and blast them off as an initial remedy.

Also, spots on the leaves could be the sign of a fungal disease, or it could be an environmental issue. It is important to match the correct pest control strategy with the pest problem.  Water early in the day so that foliage is dry going into the night.

Snap a photo or bring in a sample to the garden center to review with one of our Green Team experts. We offer a full range of solutions to help you solve your gardening problems.


Enjoy your mid-summer garden!  After all your hard work, now is the time to sit back for a moment and enjoy the fruits of your labors.  Even though it has been a challenging growing season and there are still a few chores to do, remind yourself that this is what it’s all about.

Invite friends and neighbors over to celebrate all of your hard work!