More Winter Preparation

Although the greenhouses have now been closed down for the winter season, there is still a lot of early season activity going on as we prepare for spring.  The houseplants and early spring plants that we planted in House 1 have been moved over to the Glasshouse since the poinsettias and holiday gift plants are all gone.  That way there is only one house to heat.  House 1 does still have a few perennial plants that really appreciate the protected conditions that House 1 provides.

In the store, the Holiday decorations are put away for safe keeping until next year.  We’ll take care of a little re-decorating, which will probably include painting, before we begin to display all the beautiful Indoor Gifts and Décor for the spring season.  I wonder what color the walls will be this year…?

In the office, we are working on all the final touches for our spring planting plan.  Have we ordered all the cool, new varieties of flowers that you want to see this year?  You know, there are always a few more we may need!  How about all the supplies that Creek Side growers and guests need to grow their beautiful crops? Pots, soil, fertilizer – check!  How about reviewing the garden décor list for big colorful empty flower pots and planters plus statues and fountains – check!

In the warehouse, the guys have brought in the soil we will use for filling pots in January so that it is not frozen when needed.  Plus they are assembling the empty pots into carrying so that we can more easily fill them with soil on our potting machine.  It’s hard to believe that will be starting up again soon.

Workshop and event planning is in full swing now.  Check out the 2016 event calendar on our website.  And keep your eye on the workshop calendar as Creek Side will be offering many new, fun, and exciting workshops this year to help you channel your creative energies!