New Tropicals, Houseplants and Perennials

New Tropicals and Houseplants

We are sorry if you have had to cancel your spring trip break to Florida this year, so Creek Side has brought the tropics to you!  Stop by to review of big selection of summer flowering tropical house plants like Hibiscus, Gardenia, Mandevilla, Dipladenia and Lantana.  Large tree forms, trellises and small bushes available.  Take them home now while the supply lasts.  Keep them in front of a bright window for a month and then take outside to your patio for a taste of the tropics right at home!

Plus, over 30 different varieties of big, beautiful Houseplants in a 10” diameter pot that are budget priced to help decorate your home, clean the air and provide that homey touch you have been looking for.  Check them out in the Glasshouse.




Early Season Perennials

Early season perennials are blooming NOW!  Stop by to check out the colorful early season perennials in bloom like, Rock Cress, Bellis, Primrose, Lily of the Valley, Anenome, Forget me Not, Columbine and more.  If you are looking for early season spring color in your garden, these are the best choices.

Creek Side grows over 300 varieties of perennials right in site in our nice, cool greenhouses down on the creek.  Selecting the perennial plants for your garden directly from the grower offers several advantages.

Big, healthy plants that are going to grow well and flourish.  They have been subjected to the cold cycle of winter which will allow them to bloom the first season they are planted in your garden.

Later in the season, the varieties chosen to be grown at Creek Side are because they are especially good for growing in the hot, dry Rocky Mountain region.  Plants like Agastache, Echinacea, Delosperma, Penstemon, Coreopsis are available in several different colors.  Shade garden plants available as well.

The plants you select at Creek Side are conditioned for early spring growing conditions.  The pots are started warm and then the temperatures are gradually turned down until they finish the season in a greenhouse with minimal heat.  The cool growing conditions helps to make them strong and ready for planting in your garden.

Visit the place “Where Inspiration Grows” to find the very best perennial plants for your garden this season.