Outdoor Critter Conservation Day

Everybody gardens for their own reasons.  Some of us just love to have plants and colorful flowers all around us to enjoy during the summer months.  Something pretty to look at that makes us feel good.  Some of us love to have beautiful flowers around the front of our home to show off a little for the neighbors.  Hey neighbors, take a look at what we having going on over here!  Some of us are more interested in growing fresh, healthy food to be enjoyed with a summer meal.  Something to make us feel good, not only the taste of fresh delicious food, but with a great sense of accomplishment.

Some of us are creating an overall landscape.  Something to look at that pleases us, pleases the neighbors and if we are interested, perhaps pleases our friends in nature.  Bees, including honeybees and other pollinators, Butterflies and Birds may or may not be attracted to our landscape based on the design and components there in.  Attracting desirable wildlife around our homes promotes a sense of community.  Community in the big sense as in being connected to life all around us.

Your garden is our native creature’s very best friend.  By providing shelter, water and food in your garden and landscape, you are creating your own wildlife haven, literally in your own backyard.  Look around the Creek Side Courtyard for annual flowers and the Perennial Pathway for perennial flowers, shrubs and trees that will attract the kinds of wildlife that you are interested in.  Our Green Team will help answer any of your questions and get you pointed in the right direction.

Creek Side Gardens believes that joy in life comes from being connected.  We lead with our hearts, we are inspired, we create, and we respect and enjoy the world around us.  And in doing so, we share this belief with our family, friends, neighbors and guests.  This is why we celebrate Bees, Butterflies, Birds Outdoor Critter Conservation Day!  Stop out and visit your community greenhouse adding color to your life!