Pansies and Perennials

Even though the temperatures have been unbelievably warm, it is still too early in the spring season to get much planting done outside.  Best to keep up with garden and landscape cleanup or improvement projects right now.

But now that we are rolling into the month of March, and you are anxious to be the first person on your block with flowers on your porch, here are a couple of plants to consider planting over the next several weeks.


To be successful, we need to consider plants that like cool temperatures.  Pansies love our cool bright spring weather conditions.  Especially when planted in containers they are the most colorful annuals to plant this time of the year.  Not to mention, container gardens can be tucked up beside the house or even pulled into the garage if an especially nasty storm rolls in (which is very possible).  But generally, they can take it!

Creek Side has a beautiful Grown Fresh™ batch blooming in 6-paks and ready for planting now!  Our pansy bowls and pots will be ready to go in another couple of weeks.  In addition to pansies, consider snapdragons, dianthus, alyssum, and dusty miller.  Creek Side will have these plants ready by early April.


Early season perennials, shrubs and trees may be planted now if they are watered on a regular as needed basis.  A Creek Side specialty, our Grown Fresh™ perennial crop is really looking great this year.  Over 350 varieties this year including many Plant Select varieties, which have been specifically chosen for our climate.  Our growing experts are getting them ready for you by turning the temperatures down, so they are conditioned for your garden.

It’s easy to identify the early season perennials because some of them have already begun blooming.  Stop by the store to check out the columbine, basket of gold, primrose, poppies and rock cress.