Perennial Planting Time!

April and May are terrific months for planting perennials!  The cool nights and bright days offer the newly transplanted plants a little time to relax, get situated in their new locale and begin growing new roots.  Incorporate organic matter like Creek Side’s Natures Yield compost to the soil at planting time to help create a superior rooting environment.  Keep watered thoroughly for the first few weeks so they don’t dry out.

Grown Fresh

Creek Side grows their perennial plants right on site in our own greenhouses.  Each variety is carefully selected to perform in our Rocky Mountain growing climate.  We get them off to a great start, then lower the temperatures in the greenhouse to help get each plant conditioned for making the transition to your garden.  Right now the Creek Side Grown Fresh perennial crop is growing in a greenhouse with no heat, so our plants are nice and hardy!

Big Selection

This year, Creek Side is offering over 300 different varieties of perennials for you to choose from.  Most are either available in a black 4.5” square pot that sells for $8.45 or a larger 6” round pot that sells for $12.95.  Some premium varieties are priced a little higher.  When choosing your perennials, don’t forget in addition to color and height, perennials typically only bloom for a portion of the growing season i.e. early season, mid-season and late season.  So part of the fun in designing a perennial garden is to weave together plants that will go into and out of bloom throughout the whole season.  Visit the nursery every month of the growing season to get a firsthand look at what is blooming each month.

Early Season Perennials Blooming Now!

Right now the early season bloomers are in full action.  Visit Creek Side to see columbine, creeping phlox, basket of gold, Iceland poppies, bleeding hearts, violas, sweet woodruff in full bloom.  Almost everything else is ready to go now as well.  The early summer blooming perennials are right around the corner.  See yarrow, salvia, peonies, iris beginning to bloom.  All of Creek Side perennials are at least two year old plants which means that they should bloom this season at their appropriate time.