Perennials, Shrubs, Trees

Last newsletter we reviewed plans and preparation for Creek Side’s Grown Fresh™ big, beautiful annual flower Hanging Baskets and Container Gardens.  Annual flowers are the most colorful flowers that will bloom all summer around your home and in the landscape.  This week, more options that bring Color to your Life!

Creek Side’s Grown Fresh™ perennial selection continues to expand, now offering over 350 varieties of perennials that have been selected specifically for success in our Rocky Mountain growing environment.  Perennial planting begins in the Creek Side greenhouses next week.  Both the 4.5” and larger 6” pot sizes will be planted from starter plants or bare roots.  These plants will complement the perennial plants being over-wintered in our cold frames.  This way, we can offer you the very best quality and selection of perennial plants anywhere in this area.

The Creek Side perennial selection will Include the 2020 Perennial Plant of the Year from the Perennial Plant Association, Aralia ‘Sun King’. This large, vibrantly colored plant brightens up shady spots.  ‘Sun King’ has a tropical look, but it’s a fast-growing perennial that’s hardy in the Rocky Mountain region and grows to about 3 feet high and wide or larger in some cases. The large compound leaves measure up to 3 feet long, as well.

‘Sun King’ emerges in mid-spring with bright gold leaves held on contrasting reddish-brown stems. If given at least a few hours of sun a day, the foliage will remain yellow all summer. In heavier shade, the foliage ranges from chartreuse to lime green.  It forms a large clump of foliage and produces racemes of small white flowers in mid to late summer followed by deep purple berries. It’s a pollinator plant and is reportedly deer resistant.

Plant Select, the collaboration between Colorado State University and the Denver Botanic Gardens to introduce new garden plants for the Rocky Mountain growing region, will again play a big role in the expanding Creek Side perennial plant offerings.  Expect to find a big selection of the ever popular Delosperma Ice Plants and Agastache Hyssops in additon to some of the new and under-utilized Plant Select varieties as well.  Creek Side is partnering with Plant Select and the CSU Extension Master Gardens for a big Plant Select promotion later this spring.  Stay tuned for details on that.

Creek Side’s selection of landscape shrubs and trees continues to expand for 2020 as well, with an even bigger selection of native and xeric varieties for gardeners interested in developing a home landscape that will require less water.  A landscape that will be a little more in tune with our naturally dry, low water environment.  Check out our low water Rabbitbrush, Sages and .Manzanita and Fernbush!

Whether you are decorating your porch and patio with the best and brightest Grown Fresh™ Hanging Baskets and Container Gardens.  Whether you are refreshing your landscape or designing a brand new landscape.  Or whether you are interested in growing good fresh food in the backyard or on the patio, Creek Side has you covered!

Next week we’ll let you know what is coming up for Creek Side’s Herb and Veggie program.  You’ll find a larger selection of organically grown varieties and more!