Perennials, Shrubs, Trees

In the last newsletter, we reviewed plans and preparation for Creek Side’s Grown Fresh™ big, beautiful annual flower Hanging Baskets and Container Gardens.  Annual flowers are the most colorful flowers that will bloom all summer around your home and in the landscape.  This week, more options that bring Color to your Life in your landscape!

Big 6″ Perennial Pots

Creek Side’s Grown Fresh™ perennial selection continues to expand.  Now offering over 350 varieties of perennials that have been selected specifically for success in our Rocky Mountain growing environment.  Creek Side began planting our larger 6” pot size perennials last summer.  They are all safe and sound in our un-heated greenhouses down by the creek for the winter.  As the days get longer and the temperatures warm up, they will come alive and be ready for planting in April.

Great value size 4.5″ Perennial Pot

Perennial planting of the 4.5” pot size begins in the Creek Side greenhouses over the next few of weeks.  All of the pots will be planted from starter plants that are grown by a number of greenhouse perennial specialists.  One of the best perennial propagators in the country happens to be located in Colorado so good for us!  These 4.5″ perennial plants will complement the 6″ plants being over-wintered in our cold frames.  This way, we can offer you the very best quality and selection of perennial plants anywhere in this area.

Perennial Plant of the Year

The Creek Side perennial selection will Include the 2022 Perennial Plant of the Year from the Perennial Plant Association, Little Bluestem Grass, Schizachyrium scoparium and cultivars.

Native to a broad swath of North America, it was one of the dominant grasses of the vast tallgrass prairies. In average to lean, well-drained soils, stems will remain upright but can flop easily if conditions are too rich or moist. Cultivars have been selected for shorter plants, enhanced leaf colors, and stronger stems.

Little bluestem’s spikiness complements native and non-native perennials alike.  An easy fit for mass plantings or meadows, it is just as brilliant in traditional borders, gravel gardens, and green roofs. Perfect partners are recent PPOYs such as Calamintha nepeta ssp. nepeta, Asclepias tuberosa, Stachys ‘Hummelo’, and Allium ‘Millenium’.

Plant Select

Plant Select, the collaboration between Colorado State University and the Denver Botanic Gardens to introduce new garden plants for the Rocky Mountain growing region, will again play a big role in the expanding Creek Side perennial plant offerings.  Expect to find a nice selection of the ever popular Delosperma Ice Plants and Agastache Hyssops in addition to some of the new and under-utilized Plant Select varieties as well.

Shrubs & Trees

Creek Side’s selection of landscape shrubs and trees continues to expand for 2022, with an even bigger selection of native and xeric varieties for gardeners interested in developing a home landscape that will require less water.  A landscape that will be a little more in tune with our naturally dry, low water environment.  Check out our low water Rabbitbrush, Sages and Manzanita and Fernbush!

Red maples are the most popular tree that Creek Side gets requests for.  Several different varieties of red maples will be available in May and June in a size with good value and ease of handling.

Whether you are decorating your porch and patio with the best and brightest Grown Fresh™ Hanging Baskets and Container Gardens.  Whether you are refreshing your landscape or designing a brand-new landscape.  Or whether you are interested in growing good fresh food in the backyard or on the patio, Creek Side has you covered!

Next week we’ll explore what is coming up for Creek Side’s Herb and Veggie program.  You’ll find a large selection of organically grown varieties and more!

Updated January 25, 2021