Perfect Pansy Planting Weather

All seasoned Rocky Mountain gardeners know the nice spring weather is never going to last through April. It’s amazing how nice and warm the days get, even the nighttime lows aren’t that bad.  And then it happens, cold and snow return.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow in March and April and send sunny skies in May!

Greenhouse Planting

Working in the greenhouse this time of year is the next best thing to working outside.  Except when it’s cold outside it is nice and toasty in the greenhouse.  The Green Team does not let the cold and snow slow us down.  Many specialty items including the shade hanging baskets and the decorative patio containers in the coco moss are being planted now.  All the greenhouses have plants growing in them by next week so we are beginning to fill up.  But we will find just a little more space to keep planting until they are all completely full.

Pansy Planting Time!

Are you interested in showing off with the earliest spring color in your neighborhood?  Nothing says springtime like bright, cheery, colorful pansies.  Pansies love the bright cool days that the Colorado climate offers at this time of year.    Pansies will do just fine in the snow and will withstand temperatures down to 20 degrees without a problem.  If the forecast calls for a little colder than that, pull the pots into the garage for a couple of nights so as to not freeze the flowers off.

The Creek Side Grown Fresh pansy and viola crop is ready to go!  Featuring fourteen different colors and flower sizes for growing in containers or planting right into the ground, the crop is beginning to bloom.  Fizzle Sizzle Pansy bowls and Cool Wave pansy hanging baskets are blooming like crazy right now as well.

Additional early season/ cool season flowers like alyssum, dianthus and snapdragons are available now as well.  With the big Creek Side crop growing down on the Creek and for planting by mid-April.  Prime time for planting!

Cool Season Vegetables

The Creek Side Grown Fresh vegetable crop is just about ready for planting outside right now as well.  Choose from lettuce, spinach, broccoli, brussels sprout, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, kohlrabi and Sugar Snap peas.  Botanical Interests seeds are available for planting directly outside as well now.  Consider lettuce, leafy greens, spinach, carrots, radishes, beets among the most common choices.  Cool season flower seeds may be sown outside now.  Check the seed packet for the recommended sowing time out side.  It may be 2-4 or 4-6 weeks prior too last frost date, which is mid-May.

Begin sowing tomatoes and pepper seeds indoors now.  Make sure you keep the seeds moist until they germinate and then provide lots of light to keep them from getting too stretchy.   Stop by and we will be happy to offer a few tips.