Creek Side Plants Galore!

Summer is here and the time is right….to visit the Creek Side Courtyard of Annual flowers, the Perennial Pathway of Perennial flowers, the Woodland Walk featuring shrubs and trees and the Frontyard of Roses!  Beautiful, colorful Grown Fresh flowers and soothing greens all around.  Just imagine what your patio and landscape will look like?

Hanging Baskets & Container Gardens

Our Annual Hanging Baskets love the warm temperatures and long days and show it with their new growth and fresh flowers.  Big selection of 10″ single variety and 12”, 14″ and 16″ combo baskets available now!  Grown Fresh Container Gardens of all sizes are showing off their new growth and flowers as well.  Check out the big June selection of large, medium and small container gardens and bowls.


The Creek Side Perennial plants look as nice as ever!  Over 300 varieties of perennials Grown Fresh right on site in our own greenhouses.  Check out the Plant Select department.  Plant Select is a collaboration between Colorado State University and the Denver Botanic Garden to introduce new horticultural plants especially for Colorado gardeners.  Overall, the spring bloomers are finishing up their flowering and the early summer bloomers are in full swing.  Stroll down the Perennial Pathway to see what might spice up your garden right now!


Beautiful full-size shrubs growing up fast.  Lots of Potentilla, Spirea, Barberry, Hydrangea, Rose of Sharon looking great!  Looking for xeric selections?  Creek Side has an expanded selection of native and dry land shrubs.  Check out the Apache Plume, Fernbush, Rabbitbrush, Western Sage, Mountain Mahogany, Serviceberry and Buffaloberry shrubs.


Have you considered a nice 20’-40′ ornamental tree for your yard?  Autumn Blaze, Red Sunset and Sun Valley Maples have leafed out beautifully and are ready to provide pleasing lines and color to your landscape.  Flowering Plums and Pears, Ohio Buckeye, Toba Hawthorn, Gingko biloba, Aspen clumps are good choices as well.  For shade trees consider a Skyline honeylocust or Catalpa, both considered excellent Colorado landscape choices.


You know June is the month for Roses.  Our Creek Side Roses are budded, flowering and even the foliage is shining with freshness and good health.  Many of your favorites in the large hybrid teas and floribundas are coming into flower right now.  Not into big roses but like the idea of a small rose in a perennial bed or along the patio providing bright flowers all season long?  Miniature roses are just right for you.  They are blooming like crazy right now so you can see just how they are going to grow in your landscape, or even a container on the patio.  Just keep them watered and fertilized!  Plus the ever popular red or pink double KnockOuts, plus a couple of new colors this year, yellow, rainbow and white!