Plus it Up in the Garden

Outdoor living space enhancements

Enjoying your outdoor space goes beyond the flowers and vegetable gardens.  Adding a bench, fountain, garden stakes and statuary rounds out the PLUS IT UP factor in your garden.

Garden Stakes, Wind Spinners, and Chimes

The element of movement and sound in the garden creates another level of enjoyment.  Here at Creek Side, we have a wide variety of garden stakes to stick into a pot or garden.  Chimes and spinners move freely in a gentle breeze on a summer day.

Fountains and Bird Baths

Water in the garden has long been used as a component of Feng Shui.  Create your own Feng Shui with the soothing sound of falling water or happy birds chirping in a cooling bath.  If you have taken the time to create a pollinator garden, a bird bath is a welcome respite for birds, butterflies, and bees. Our fountains range from tabletops to large statement pieces that give that element of serenity.

Benches and Bistro Sets

Give yourself a place to relax while listening to your fountain or watching the birds.  Set up your sitting spot under a tree for full emersion into the garden.


Most Creek Side Gardens statuary is cast concrete in earth tones.  Bunnies, turtles, frogs, cats, and dogs are very popular.  You’ll find most of the statuary inside our glasshouse among the houseplants.

Pottery (not just for flowers)

Ever consider using a pot as a base for a side table?  A piece of glass or a reclaimed piece of wood would make a great top to a pot.  DIY a fountain – with a little ingenuity you can create a bubbling water feature that disappears underground.  Plumb a glazed piece of pottery to create a ‘bubbling’ feature.  Any plastic tub will do, a pump, some tubing, and a lid.  Set your feature on top, finish off with some pebble or river rock and you have a soothing and appealing disappearing fountain.