Rain, Rain, Go Away! – Gardening Challenges in Wet Weather

In Colorado we are considered the ‘high plains desert’. But this season it is more like a monsoon. The extra rain and cooler temps have challenged all of us gardeners. Every Colorado spring season is a little bit different.  We rely on the ‘average’ or ‘typical’ weather conditions as a guide to plan our gardening tasks but in the end, Mother Nature dictates how we are going to act.

This season started off with a promising beginning because our last frosty temperatures were in late April, a full 2-3 weeks prior to the average.  But then the rain came, and more rain and more rain until records were broken and basements were flooded.  April showers showed up in May and drenched us every day. What can we gardeners do?

  • BE PATIENT The plants “want” to grow, and they WILL thrive again.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly they take off once it warms up.
  • DON’T OVERWATER –   With rain and cooler temperatures, plants will have an opportunity to relax.  This is the time to allow plants a chance to dry out in between water applications.  When temperatures begin to rise, and the rain starts to taper off you can increase water applications again.
  • FERTILIZE – As the soil begins to dry out regularly, begin to fertilize the plants again. Use Jack’s Petunia Feed (for all flowers) or All-Purpose (great for flowers, veggies, and perennials). We recommend fertilizing every 10-14 days.
  • PRUNING AND CLEAN UP – Where a plant has failed, consider filling the hole with a new plant that we have here at Creek Side Gardens. Remove any spent or ‘waterlogged’ flowers in your container gardens or hanging baskets. This will help clean up the plants and reduce any incidence of potential fungal disease like powdery mildew or gray mold.
  • POWDERY MILDEW – Powdery mildews are characterized by spots or patches of white to grayish, ‘talcum-powder-like’ growth. Start treating before you see a problem with a Copper Fungicide or Copper Sulfate. Other diseases such as gray mold, black spots, rust, are all breeders in wet weather.  Water early in the day so that foliage is dry going into the night.  We can help you select the right product for your issue so snap a photo or bring in a sample to the garden center to review with one of our Green Team experts.
  • PLANTING – Cooler weather and wet soil is a great combinator for continuing to plant perennials, trees, shrubs, and roses. Take advantage of the loose soil to cultivate and plant.  We have a great selection of plants here at Creek Side!