Roses, Shrubs and Trees

The Creek Side Gardens nursery area is undergoing re-population for the spring and summer season.  All the beautiful perennial plants that we have been taking care of all winter, are being brought up from the cold houses and cold frames down on the creek.  The benches are set up in the nursery and with the beautiful weather we are having, we are in the process of filling them with some of all 250 varieties on hand.  Check out all the new Plant Select varieties.  They look great this year!

Late next week we will herald the arrival of over 300 rose bushes and a great selection of flowering shrubs and trees.  Because most of our display areas are out of doors, we like to wait until late April to bring them in so that hopefully most of the cold, snowy weather has passed.  This year could have been an exception – who knew?

Our rose bushes are custom grown in big #3 pots for us by a grower in northern Colorado.  Being Colorado grown they have already been exposed to the current growing conditions.  Our extensive rose selection will include hybrid teas, grandifloras, floribundas, miniatures, shrubs and climbers.  Of course, our selection will include the ever popular Knock Out shrub series and Sunblaze miniature series.  Lots of different colors will be available.

The Creek Side supplier for native and low water shrubs and trees is also located in northern Colorado.  They are the perfect location for finding just the right xeric or low water selections for local gardeners especially interested in developing of expanding their water-saving garden areas with plants that look like they belong in Colorado.  The Creek Side Gardens selections of low-water shrubs and trees has increased this year.  Stop by to see for yourself!

Creek Sides largest shrub and tree supplier is from Oregon.  Oregon is home to many shrub and tree nursery suppliers because these woody plants grow so well there.  When we receive our shrubs and trees, we will give them our special Colorado treatment to get them ready for your landscape.  Creek Side specializes in offering flowering shrubs and trees from small to medium sizes.  We look forward to helping you choose just the right shrub or tree for your landscape!