Fall Planting Bulbs

In the fall, we plant bulbs for spring.  Seems strange but it is the cold of winter that they need for optimum color and growth.   Tulips and Daffodils fall into the ‘bulb’ category.  Fall planting bulbs grow in layers (like an onion), and are the most common.  There are also other types (that aren’t even bulbs).

Corms – Do not grow in layers.  The old one dies and a new corm grows next to the old one.  (Crocus)

Tubers – are basically a potato, leathery skin and lots of eyes.  (Dahlia, Daylily, Caladium, and Anemones)

Rhizomes – simply, underground stems, growing just below the surface. (Iris, Canna, Lily)

Planting fall bulbs is very simple and is best to wait until cooler temperatures have set in.  Bulbs need to be planted at different depths (ie: Tulips-6″, Crocus-2″) follow instructions on packaging. Planting in groups/ or clusters will give you a nice bouquet of color in the spring.

Our Green Team is always available to answer any questions.