How to Slow Down a Harried World

The harried pace of the holiday season is behind us, for now.  Time to take a deep breath and face 2018 head on! A new year, a new outlook, some unresolved resolutions on the horizon? The “To Do List” looms large and we are barely two weeks into January.  What if this year we all resolve to keep it simple.  Take a moment and commit To Do only one thing from this List each month-no strings attached. Guaranteed to be the best gift to yourself in 2018.


  • Eat Breakfast.
  • Blow soap bubbles (even when the weather is freezing).
  • Take a Walk.
  • Try 1 new food or recipe.
  • Stand outside at night and look up at the stars.
  • Keep loose change in your car to patronize a child’s lemonade or Kool-Aid stand.
  • Drop a penny – you never know whose “luck” you will change when they pick it up.
  • Smile and wave at a stranger, it may be the only kind recognition they receive.
  • Read the Sunday comics (they’re in color).
  • Buy yourself a flower(s) or give it away.
  • Write a Thank You note (Yes, handwritten AND sent in the US Mail!)
  • Build a blanket fort, climb inside, sit, and just be.