Spring Fever!

Everybody has got Spring Fever going now in a big way!  The weather has been beautiful, maybe just a little too nice lately.  It makes our landscape plants a little crazy like they are not sure what to do.  So we’ll watch what happens closely and take it one step at a time.  All of us get a little like that too don’t we?

The Green Team is really in full swing now at Creek Side Gardens.  All the greenhouses are filling up with the big, beautiful plants you expect from us.  Over the last three weeks the first round of patio pots and hanging baskets have been planted in an assortment of sizes.  Plus the early season six-pack bedding plants.  Seed sowing for peppers and early cool season vegetables has taken place in the greenhouse so the nice, fresh transplants for your garden will be ready right on time.

A big advantage to the warm weather is that we are able to bring our perennials out of the greenhouse and set them in cold frames.  This is their opportunity to get acclimated to our climate so that they will experience less transplant shock when plant them into your perennial garden beds in April and May.  This also creates additional greenhouse space for us to continue planting annuals which need a warmer environment.

The newly re-decorated Indoor Living Home Décor and Gift Boutique is open and ready for visitors!  You won’t believe what we have done to the lobby.  You’ll have to stop by to see for yourself, but I will tell you the reaction from our guests thus far has been very positive!

Early season garden supplies like Botanical Interest seeds for flowers, herbs and veggies, seed sowing soil, fertilizer, pots and trays are in stock and ready for inspection.  Seed potatoes and onion sets will be available in another week or so.  Stop by for garden clean-up tools and gloves to help you get the dirty work done!