Spring Has Sprung!

At Creek Side Gardens, it’s beginning to look a lot like Springtime, everywhere you go!  All of the greenhouses are bursting at the seams with colorful annual flowering hanging baskets, container gardens, small pots of flowers and everything in between.  If you have the itch of spring fever and have never visited Creek Side at the peak of the spring season, now is the time to take that little trip to your community greenhouse, garden center and nursery to check it out!

The outdoor Courtyard is beginning to take shape as well.  The colorful spring pansies are in full bloom with many different colors to choose from.  Great opportunity to get some color going in your pots on the front porch or patio.  Mix in snapdragons, dianthus and/or sweet alyssum to add a little diversity.  All these plants love the cool, bright growing conditions we have right now.

Vegetable gardeners are sowing lettuce, spinach, carrot, radish, beet and seeds right now.  Creek Side has fresh seed plus onion, garlic & shallot sets, potato bulbs and asparagus and rhubarb roots available for planting.  Starter plants are preferred for broccoli, Brussels sprout, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi starting to gain an earlier harvest.  Nice selection of cool season herbs like thyme, oregano, chives, parsley can be planted outside now and warm season Basil can be harvested now or grown on your window sill for a couple more weeks.  Patio tomatoes in containers are here!  These patio pots are OK for outside during the day but be sure to bring them inside at night.  Small tomatoes and peppers may be planted outside in our Aqua Wrap plastic protectors.

If you are planning ahead, take a look at the blooming tropical plants for your patio this summer.  Beautiful Hibiscus trees, Dipladenia bushes, Mandevilla trellis, Lantana trees, Eugenia Topiary trees plus a few new fun tropical plants like Pandora Raspberry Eye vine, Allamanda Brown Bud, Duranta Sapphire Showers, Oleander and Gardenia.  Summer bulbs available for starting indoors now to get a head start on the growing season include Dinnerplate Dahlia, Lily-of-the-Valley and Elephant Ears.

If you are still working on your house plant collection, a fresh batch of houseplants arrived along with the blooming tropicals last week.  Especially nice are the Peace Lilies, Colorful Crotons, Madagascar Dragon Tree Dracaena’s, Sanseveria Snake Plant, Pothos Totem Poles and Boston Ferns.  New succulent gardens, hanging air plant gardens and Venus Flytraps in the house as well.

Back in the greenhouse, planting continues for late season selection, especially helpful for our friends living at a little higher altitude where summer does not arrive till a little later.  Finishing touches are applied to all the pots, container gardens and hanging baskets to make sure that they are just as absolutely perfect as they can be in the next couple of weeks.  The colors and color combinations are absolutely amazing!  You will see for yourself when you stop by for a visit!