Spring into Essential Garden Supplies

Plan ahead and be equipped with garden supplies that you will find helpful this season.


Jack’s – Our mainstay fertilizer that we sell and grow with is Jack’s.  The Petunia Feed is for ALL flowers in containers and a great start the season fertilizer.  Round out the trio with the All Purpose and Bloom Booster.

Down To Earth (Organic) – New this season is this line of organic fertilizers. Derived from ingredients such as kelp, fish meal, guano and more, Down To Earth rounds out our organic lines. Packaging is also biodegradable and recyclable.

Espoma Organics –  Natural gardening solutions.  We have a selection of ‘tone’ products.  The most popular is the Bio-Tone which is a great addition to your soil as a starter plant food.


Preen – Early season weed preventor – A ‘pre-emergent’ is a weed control product that helps stop weed germination before they start.  Preen is for use in garden beds, trees, shrubs, and vegetables.

All Seasons for lawns – Your first fertilizing of the season should be this to control new weeds.  Pre-emergent is to prevent new weeds from germinating while feeding the turf.

Weed Free Zone – some weeds pop up earlier than others.  Weed Free Zone is effective down to 50 degrees.  Apply to your lawn, sidewalk cracks or other areas except flower or vegetable beds.


Natures Yield Compost – Garden Prep is key to a successful flower or vegetable bed.  Start with Nature’s Yield compost, a proprietary brand to the Garden Centers of Colorado.  Compost adds nutrients and fresh loam.

Pro Mix Potting Soil – this container garden potting soil is our brand of choice for planting all our pots here at Creek Side.  Perfect for houseplants or starting seeds.


Ferry Morse LED bamboo Greenhouse – You will need all ‘the fixings for starting seeds.  From coir pots to and starter kits we have it all.  Don’t forget a bag of potting soil!  We proudly grow with AND sell Pro-Mix Potting Soil available from 8 quart to 2.8 cu ft bags.


Essential for sure! Pick up a new decorative trellis for your vegetable garden that your beans or peas will need to climb on.  Plant support rings and stakes are essential for perennials.  Before you know it, your tall perennials will need something so be ready.  Dig, prune, tie, or clip – Creek Side has a wide variety of hand tools, pruners and tying products.