Springtime – A Fresh Start

One of our favorite things about gardening and working with nature is the change of seasons.  Each change of season brings new hopes, attitudes, and opportunities.

Spring into Action!

Springtime is arguably the most exciting of all the seasonal changes because it really feels like a new beginning.  We can scratch last year’s experiences off the map and begin anew.  A fresh start for fulling our gardening dreams.

Plant, Garden & Landscape Challenges

Take a few minutes and review your successes and failures in the garden and landscape last year.  That flower bed that didn’t turn out exactly like you expected last year.  What improvements can be made for a better result?  Different plant selection?  Add compost and/or mulch to the soil?  Adjust the irrigation applications?

The hanging baskets and container gardens that got out of control or pooped out in the mid-summer heat.  Need mid-summer trimming?  Adjust water and fertilizer?  What about those shrubs that you never got around to pruning; sounds like a great opportunity to get out and exercise a little, enjoy the early spring fresh air and get them under control this year.  Pruning should be finished by late March.  The lawn looked rough; regular uniform watering, fertilizer applications and herbicide applications for weed control will go a long way to keeping your lawn looking good.  Wow!  It’s a fresh start to a brand-new season!

Creek Side Green Team is here to Help

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice or ask questions.  The Creek Side Green Team are experienced gardeners and professional plant people.  We are available to help answer your questions, brainstorm ideas, offer suggestions, review your plans with you.

Bring in photos or a layout of your garden/ landscape for plant placement suggestions.  Bring in photos of your hanging baskets and container gardens for maintenance and water/ fertilizer suggestions.

Creek Side’s Saturday morning community gardening classes are another great opportunity to learn from the pros and share with each other.  Check out the schedule on our website.