Summer Pollinator Garden Care Tips

As the heat of the summer carries on everyone seems to scatter to a local pool or vacation away from home.  Remembering that the heat of summer is also tough on our pollinators who visit our gardens daily.  We can keep them coming to feast as long as we provide clean feeders and a must, WATER!

Hummingbird Feeder Care –

The best choices to feed our tiny friends is with hummingbird loving plants.  The natural sustenance they get from plant material is ideal.  A great alternative to plants is a feeder for the hummers.  Important to remember some care tips.

  • The feeder mixture must be changed about every 3 days or it spoils.
  • High temperatures makes the glass or plastic heat up the juice and they won’t come to the feeder (like drinking hot soup).  If possible, place feeder in a shady tree area.
Bird Bath Care – 

All birds will use a water source for drinking and bathing.  You can provide water by using a simple, shallow dish or birdbath placing it in an open area in the yard, so birds can spot predators. You will need to empty and refill the dish with fresh water daily, It is important to clean the water source at least weekly (especially during the summer, as the sun will turn the water green with algae), scrubbing and cleaning the inside of the birdbath with a mild dish soap. Be sure to remove all of the soap before refilling the birdbath with clean, fresh water.

Bees and Butterflies –  

Most bees and butterflies will travel long distances in search of a food source.  Along their journey they too are grateful for some fresh water. Shallow dishes of fresh water or small bird baths placed in garden beds around the plants is a great way to give them the hydration they need.