Summer Shrubs and Trees

Finally!  Beautiful summertime weather conditions in store for the next couple of weeks.  Remember the 95 degree days a couple of weeks ago?  What a relief it has been the last week to experience moderate temperatures, with rain in the forecast.  And if it is relief to us, it certainly has been a relief for our flowerpots and landscape plants as well.

Landscape planting

It is not too late to plant trees and shrubs if you water them adequately. The Creek Side selection of shrubs and trees of all sizes for your landscape planting is tremendous.  Lots of new growth with buds and flowers.  Use Root Stimulator and Nature’s Yield Compost at planting time.


Beautiful full-size shrubs are growing up fast.  Lots of Potentilla, Spirea, Barberry, Dogwood and Boxwood looking great!  Looking for xeric selections?  Creek Side has an expanded selection of native and dry land shrubs.  Check out the Rabbitbrush, Leadplant, Tri-Lobed Sumac and Golden Currant shrubs, Mexican Privet, Silver Buffaloberry, Mountain Mahogany.

  • Potentillas & Barberries – great choices for sunny locations
  • Spireas, Hydrangeas, Boxwood, Arborvitae & Yews– great choices for partial sun/ partial shade locations
  • Rose of Sharon – great for late season color
  • Lilacs – many colors available
  • Viburnums including Snowball Bush
  • Serviceberry for three season interest
  • Upright Junipers for screens – Blue Point & Spartan
  • Xeric selections – Leadplant, Rabbitbrush and more!

Hydrangeas are just beginning to bloom and Creek Side offers many different varieties. Hydrangeas in the Colorado landscape appreciate some shade and regular waterings.  The Panicle types with the conical flowers are easy to grow and most cold tolerant.  From as short as 2 feet like varieties Bobo or Little Lime, to as tall as 5 feet like Limelight, Little Quickfire and Firelight this group offers a large variety of colors.  The smooth hydrangea group including Bee Friendly and White Wedding show off large, round flowers and will grow 5-6 feet tall.


Big, beautiful trees ready for planting right now. Get these trees established this year and they will really take off next year providing shade and beauty in your landscape.

Red maples are the most popular tree that Creek Side gets requests for.  Several different varieties of red maples are available now in a size with good value and ease of handling.

Have you considered a nice 20’-40′ ornamental tree for your yard?  Sun Valley and Main Street Maples have leafed out beautifully and are ready to provide pleasing lines and color to your landscape offering great fall color.  For shade-providing trees consider Autumn Blaze or Red Sunset red maple and Redpointe which are excellent Colorado landscape choices.

  • Red maples – Autumn Blaze, Sun Valley, Red Sunset – 40-50’ shade trees with great fall color
  • Aspen, Honey locust, Accolade Elm, Columnar European Hornbeam
  • Colorado Spruce
  • Austrian Pine

Cruise the Creek Side Woodlands Walkway soon to discover what mid-summer blooming shrubs might brighten your landscape! Shop for the best availability today!