The New Season Begins

The arrival of longer days heralds the first real sign that spring is on the way!  Your Community Greenhouse staff of Green Team professionals are busy preparing for what will certainly be another great growing and gardening experience.

Greenhouse Preparation

The planting season at Creek Side begins by preparing the greenhouses.  Clean up the floors, turn on the heat and water.  The containers to be planted are filled with soil down in the barn.  Then the containers are placed on carts and hauled up to the greenhouse to be planted.  Using the Thriller/ Filler/ Spiller design technique, the planting crew follow recipes that were prepared last summer and fall and place the starter plants in the freshly filled pots.  Watering and fertilizing begin immediately after planting to make sure everything gets off to a great start!

Planting Begins

The perennials will be planted beginning this week in the cool house.  Next week several hundred geranium and fuchsia hanging baskets will be planted in the warm greenhouse.  After that, the planting for the Container Gardens and Hanging Baskets follows in mid-February.  We will begin with the larger sizes and move through the list finishing with the small pots in April.  This is the time of the year that we are especially excited to be in the greenhouse.  If it’s snowing outside, it is nice and toasty inside.  If it’s sunny we are soaking up the sun and breathing in the nice humid air.  It feels like spring already….

The big colorful combinations of Grown Fresh™ annual flowers are a Creek Side Gardens specialty.  A lot of study and research goes into selecting the best varieties and combinations of flowers so that everything grows together just exactly perfect.  You will see what we are talking about when you come to visit this spring.

Yard and Garden Shop and Indoor Living Décor and Gifts

Inventory is finished and fresh merchandise is rolling in every week.  Pallets to unload, boxes to unpack, product to price and store for stocking the shelves.  Look for several new lines of organic fertilizers that we believe will be real helpful for some folks.  Creek Side will offer a great selection of garden supplies and gifts to kick-off the 2023 spring season.


The Glasshouse Houseplant Conservatory has been re-arranged to create space to display even more houseplants this year.  You will find a large selection of sizes and types of houseplants for your home and office.  The houseplant pottery section has been expanded with several new lines of decorative pots especially for houseplants.

Over the next few weeks, the Green Team will be getting everything all set up and looking spiffy for our Grand Re-Opening in February.  We are excited to show off what has been happening at Creek Side while we have been gone.