The Quiet Times

“Those that can have patience can have what they will.”  Benjamin Franklin

Summer is vacation time for many, whether you embark on a rambling road trip, reach your destination by airplane, or stretch out on the backyard hammock of a stay-cation, it’s time to slow down and soak in a little quiet-a peaceful surrender to a busy life.

Life’s sweetest things are often quiet things:

The hush before the morning bird first sings,

The peaceful stillness at the break of day,

A silent pool where dappled sunbeams play,

The light caress of wind, the gentle rain,

Sweet-scented dusk, the quiet after pain,

The silent wonder in the questing eyes

Of children seeing bits of paradise.

Stars hung like jewels in the far, still sky,

An arch of rainbow lights, a butterfly,

The fire glow of flickering quietude,

The ideal hushed and golden mood.

Just quiet things. . . a tranquil, greening hill,

A stream serene, the nighttime, sweet and still,

Can fill the soul with deep content and peace

And from all ills the heart can find release.

By Ruth B. Field