The Tropics Have Arrived in Colorado

Our semi-trailer pulled in this week carrying our 400+ tropical plants. Each season, these tropical selections give us Coloradoans a taste of living in a tropical climate! Here we will highlight our 2024 selections.


The hibiscus flower is large, striking, and trumpet-shaped and comes in a range of bright colors. Grows all over in warm climates, such as Hawaii. By watering and fertilizing consistently, your hibiscus will continue to produce flowers all season. FUN FACT – each flower only lasts for one day. Ready to purchase in a pot or a tree form.

Mandevilla’s and Dipladenia’s

These two plants are remarkably similar, the flowers look identical, and both grow colorful, pink, red and white flowers but there are differences. Mandeville are aggressive vines, growing rapidly up any support or trellis. Dipladenia are smaller and have a ‘bushy’ habit that produces a shorter trailing effect. They both make excellent hummingbird attractants, and impressive “thrillers” in a mixed annual container.

Both are ready to take home in a small pot or on a trellis.


Intensely fragrant white blossoms contrast beautifully with shiny, dark green leaves. The flower makes for a classic corsage flower. Growing gardenia’s in our Colorado climate can be challenging as this plant prefers a more humid climate. The high-altitude sun can damage the flowers, so it is best to have in a part shady location. Fertilize regularly to keep your gardenia to keep producing flowers.

Florida Houseplants

Large selection of large houseplants for your home or summer patio.  When we have the opportunity to ship direct to Creek Side from Florida houseplant suppliers, we can offer great quality with a great price to match!  Stop by the store to see for yourself.

In addition to decorating your home, many large houseplants are summer ready for Colorado.  Think Ficus trees, Crotons, Madagascar Dragon Tree, Chinese Fan Palm, Date Palm, Ponytail Palm, Bird-of-Paradise and Yucca.  Make your patio a summer oasis!

Additional low to moderate light houseplants available as well.