Rolling through the Seasons

One of the most fun aspects to Creek Side Gardens is rolling through the seasons.  From Spring to Summer to Fall and you know what’s next.  Fall is a favorite time of the year for so many people.  The air is crisp, the colors on display are changing on a daily basis and it exciting to react to what each day brings.  Whether it is warm soothing sunshine, or cool welcome moisture, we know that the season is changing fast.  This creates a certain sense of urgency to complete projects around the yard or begin to get the garden beds and landscape ready for winter.  Here we go, drawing the summer season to a close and getting ready for freezing temperatures that winter brings.  Oh, and remember to enjoy our beautiful Colorado Autumn days while they last!

Holiday Gifts and Decor

Rolling through the seasons at Creek Side also means that we plan on always being one step ahead.  While the pumpkins in the Courtyard are looking fabulous, Holiday gifts and décor are rolling in the door every day.  Some items like the cool new women’s winter scarves, hats, gloves and mittens are already on display to help you get ready for the cooler temperatures.  But many other items are unpacked, checked in and stored until we begin our great, big holiday display decorating.  That fun project is right around the corner.  Don’t worry, we will be sure and keep you informed when we are ready to show off what’s new!

Perennials in the Cold Frame

Most of the perennial plants have been placed in the cold frames for winter.  After our first hard frost the tops of the plants will be cut back and cleaned up.  In the meantime, their growth rates have slowed down but the roots continue to grow which is the important.  That way they will be stronger through the winter months.

Greenhouse Projects

We have a few greenhouse improvement projects that we are working on.  It’s always nice when we can invest in and improve our growing systems so that we can create the very best growing conditions to grow the very best plants for our customers!