Tropical Plants and Houseplants

Our big spring selection of Tropical Plants and Houseplants has arrived!  Stop by to review our selection of summer flowering tropical house plants like Hibiscus, Gardenia, Mandevilla, Dipladenia and Lantana.  Large tree forms, trellises, and small bushes are available.  Because they bloom all summer, they are a perfect to addition to your patio that will provide a tropical feel.

Because we work directly with the supplier all year to get ready for our spring season, the quality is outstanding!  And the pricing is reasonable. Do not miss out on this special shipment.  We cannot hold anything so shop early for the best selection.  Keep them in front of a bright window for a month and then take outside to your patio for a taste of the tropics right at home!

More houseplants on this shipment than ever before.  Over 35 different varieties of big, beautiful Houseplants in a 10” diameter pot that are budget priced to help decorate your home, clean the air and provide that homey touch you have been looking for.

Bright Light

Consider a bright light houseplant on your patio this summer where they can really thrive.  Will need to condition them to our bright light or sun scald will occur.  And keep well water and fertilized.  Then bring them into you home in September and place in a bright window or bright room for the winter.

Perfect for outdoors this summer would be Croton, Banana, Dracaena/ Madagascar Dragon Tree, Ficus/ Weeping Fig/ Fiddleleaf Fig, Date Palm, Ponytail Palm, White Bird of Paradise and Yucca Cane.  Citrus plants will be available in early May.

Medium Light

For medium light under a covering on your patio consider Boston fern or Pothos hanging basket.  Medium light for your home assorted Dieffenbachia, Cat Palm and green or gold Schefflera.

Low Light

For low to medium light consider Dracaena Janet Craig, Goldstar or Mass Cane, Monstera Philodendron, Sansevieria/ Snake Plant and Spathiphyllum/ Peace Lily.