Vegetable Varieties 2021

Home vegetable gardeners love the Creek Side vegetable plant program!  All our herbs and vegetables are Grown Fresh™ in the Creek Side greenhouse under our watchful care to help ensure you receive the best plants available.


The Burpee tomato varieties that have really done well in Colorado are Burpee Big Boy (our most requested variety), Oh Happy Day, Cloudy Day and Fourth of July.  They do better than some with our cool nights.  A couple of new Burpee pepper varieties to consider this year are the Shishito Dragon Roll and snacking peppers Marti Gras Fun Red and Yellow.

In the tried-and-true category, some of the most popular varieties are cherry tomatoes.  Creek Side will be offering a large selection including Super Sweet 100, Juliet, Sungold and Sunsugar and a new variety called Magic Mountain (good for our high altitude).

Heirlooms are popular mostly because of the great flavor.  Consider the classics like Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Mortgage Lifter and the prolific Yellow Pear.

For small space tomato gardens, including container gardening, consider the determinate varieties that will not get as large as the indeterminate varieties.  Celebrity is an All-American selection, Patio and Bush Champion are aptly named and Roma is a good choice for a paste tomato in a small space.

All your favorite slicer varieties will be on hand as well including Better Boy, Early Girl, Super Fantastic and Beefmaster.


Peppers are easy to grow and compact enough to fit into almost any space including a container on the patio.  Typically divided into two major categories – sweet and hot.

The sweet bell peppers are not just green anymore like Better Belle and Big Bertha.  Consider the even sweeter yellow Early Summer or the red Baron.  Not to mention sweet frying peppers like Gypsy and Sweet Banana.

The most popular hot pepper of course is Jalapeno.  Creek Side features a jalapeno variety called La Bomba which produces a larger fruit with smooth green skin.  On the hottest end of the scoville heat scale, everybody loves Habanero.  But a couple of new varieties for Creek Side this year, that are even hotter are Bhut Jolokia and Carolina Reaper.  Moving back down the heat scale with medium heat is Serrano, the Ancho/Poblano variety Carranza and even more mild Anaheim and Biggie Chili.

Cucumbers & Squashes

Classic cucumber varieties will be on hand including selections for container and burpless.  Same for the squashes including green or yellow zucchini, yellow crookneck and spaghetti squash.

Watermelon, Cantalope and pumpkins will round out the offerings for vegetable starter plants at Creek Side Gardens this spring season 2021!


Look for an expanded choice of organic selections at Creek Side this spring.  In addition to the Hardy Boy Organics, more to choose from Desert Canyon Farm from Canyon City, CO.

Desert Canyon is a pollinator and beneficial insect friendly farm.  They prefer to use nature as an ally and being a good member of the earth community.  Lots of Desert Canyon herbs and veggies will be available this spring season at Creek Side!